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The marketing possibilities are countless
In today's fast paced world, email marketing is not a luxury, it is a necessity. With Everest Web Tools Email Marketing you can take your business to the next level. Everest Web Design's email marketing tool is an easy to use, powerful and cost effective way to reach your existing customers.

Our Email Marketing tool allows you to create and manage your contacts list and email marketing campaigns.
It's quite simple, First you add customers to your contact database using our Email Marketing Tool. Then simply write the email you want to send, and press the send button. A customized email is then sent to each of your customers individually. They will see their name and information in the email and it will appear as though you sat down and wrote it directly to them.

Email marketing provides you with an efficient way to stay in touch with your current customers

  Examples include
- Sending specials or new product notifications to people who have purchased a certain product or line from you before.
- General promotions such as a % discount for customers who purchase online, or refer a friend to your site.
- Send "We've missed you" emails to customers who have not purchased for a fixed period of time.

The marketing possibilities are countless. And with the cost for this service included in your hosting fees it is hands down the most cost effective way to put your products and ideas in front of your customers. Start informing them today with Everest Web Tools.

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